The Science of Being Goofy Writer People

So I can’t write. I think it’s been too long, and some rust has built up. Despite all of business Sam’s yelling, it’s not happening. So, on to the next best thing. Reading? I think so. Reading always gets those gears turning, and gets me all excited. Nothing exhilerates me more than reading an excellent … Continue reading The Science of Being Goofy Writer People

Sam’s “Romance-O-Meter”

“You complete me” = Cheesy but Romantic, if there’s history to back it up. “I loved you since the day I met you” = Twitterpation = Not Romantic. “I knew I found you interesting the day I met you, and came to love you” is cool, and “I loved you before I met you” conveys … Continue reading Sam’s “Romance-O-Meter”