Internal Application WIN

For the last year I have been working for Washington State L&I on the maintenance team for one of their internal data-entry applications. I have been particularly active in creating a new version of the app for an upcoming release. Without previous experience working in ASP.Net, I quickly trained myself up in VB.Net and began making … Continue reading Internal Application WIN

Children’s Author J Scott Savage

Working with J Scott Savage was a pleasure, and an exciting opportunity. For one, I’ve crossed palms with him a few times at various writing events. My wife is also a great fan of his books and recommends them to anyone who will listen. Scott had the foresight to hire Seth Graham to create beautiful illustrations that … Continue reading Children’s Author J Scott Savage

BYU-Idaho’s Responsive Prototype

During my internship at BYU-Idaho, I had the opportunity to proactively design solutions to solve usability problems for our site. Of course, implementation was another matter. This is where I learned the valuable lesson of prototypes: Prototypes are a quick and effective way to demonstrate the possibilities to stakeholders. It shows them what we already … Continue reading BYU-Idaho’s Responsive Prototype