Six Movies I Wish I’d Written

Having finished Fox Fire, I'm forging straight on to my next novel. I've been writing off and on for fun since High School, but I have almost no experience in actually finishing novels (I love being able to put "almost" in front of that now). This next is called Chasing Clouds, and it is a … Continue reading Six Movies I Wish I’d Written

Story Lessons from Thanksgiving Movies

Umm... Spoiler Warning. Just sayin. Sara and I have (for the most part) gone without TV this month. We decided that there were things we wanted to get accomplished, and that TV was indeed serving as a distraction. So we shut it off for the month, with some built-in exceptions. (E.G. I had just begun … Continue reading Story Lessons from Thanksgiving Movies

Scott Pilgrim’s Symbols: Breaking Down the Allegory

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is an allegorical, multi-watch movie. Some of the absurd humor will strike you immediately the first time, but some of the deeper messages and layered symbolic humor will hit you on subsequent viewings. An Allegory is a story where symbolism is taken to the extreme. Instead of having one symbol, … Continue reading Scott Pilgrim’s Symbols: Breaking Down the Allegory