Children’s Author J Scott Savage

Working with J Scott Savage was a pleasure, and an exciting opportunity. For one, I’ve crossed palms with him a few times at various writing events. My wife is also a great fan of his books and recommends them to anyone who will listen.

Scott had the foresight to hire Seth Graham to create beautiful illustrations that convey the fantastic sense of adventure Scott depicts in his books and his mannerisms.

Seth’s Art

Feeling that the artwork needed an opportunity to be viewed without interruption, I designed a tall transparent footer to give viewers a chance to soak in the art:



Design and Layout

I cannot take credit for the art, but it was so great to design the layout, develop the responsive behavior for, and wire up a website that had such fun and inspiring artwork.

Naturally, I developed the site to be responsive to screen size:

Screenshot of tablet view
Tablet view
Screenshot of Phone View
Phone View

With a Hide-able Menu:

Screenshot of Menu at Phone Size

And with typography that is both easy-to-read, and slightly whimsical:

Alegreya and Alegreya Sans from Google Fonts

Technology Used

  • The front end was done by hand using the SASS pre-compiler.
  • The back end was a re-skinning of WordPress’s Twenty Fourteen.

Feel free to check out J Scott Savage’s live site to inspect the code yourself.