Sam’s “Romance-O-Meter”

“You complete me” = Cheesy but Romantic, if there’s history to back it up.

“I loved you since the day I met you” = Twitterpation = Not Romantic. “I knew I found you interesting the day I met you, and came to love you” is cool, and “I loved you before I met you” conveys an idea that the person fulfills the things you need in a relationship and is tolerable.

“I want to grow old with you” = Romantic.

“I can’t live without you” = Not Romantic – You’re obsessed. I’ll give room for someone who is finding out that their lover is dead or dying – but I hope that person realizes, over time, that the person who they lost would probably prefer them to live life.

Sam’s Preach-of-the-Day; First, Get a life of your own. This is the MOST important step. Become a happy person while single. Eventually, you might meet another happy person, and possibly have a happy relationship with said person.Then, let time work it’s magic. Two sad people might find twitterpation, but they’re too self-absorbed in their own sadness to have a solid relationship. If you get all concerned with “Destiny” and “The One” or “True Love” (True love meaning obsession) you just might make life harder for yourself, wasting a lot of energy that might have been used on your own fun, career, or interests.



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