The Science of Being Goofy Writer People

So I can’t write. I think it’s been too long, and some rust has built up. Despite all of business Sam’s yelling, it’s not happening. So, on to the next best thing.


I think so. Reading always gets those gears turning, and gets me all excited. Nothing exhilerates me more than reading an excellent book and wanting to write my own, or reading something that is almost excellent, but with things I would do differently.

Honestly, the move and the stress and the crap of this summer has been hard, but what killed me on writing was TV. I can’t believe how much time it is easy to waste in front of the darned tube, watching things I don’t even like. I keep trying new things, thinking “oh, this might be good” just because I don’t feel like turning it off. Turns out? It’s usually no good.

I am a big fan of DVR. However, that’s expensive. Nothing felt cooler than telling DVR – “Hey, catch all those Avatar, Psych, Mythbusters, and other shows I happen to actually like for me, so I can watch them whenever I want.”

The cool thing about that was, watching them was under my control. It didn’t kill my writing, because I could decide when my TV breaks were without having to catch the good shows when I know they air. (Actually, I don’t even know when most of those shows air anymore, which is half my frustration with TV nowadays. None of the stuff I like airs when I turn the thing on.)

I’ll have to figure out an alternative. Hulu might work.

In any case, I need to read more than I watch TV, that’s for sure. As far as reading warming me up for writing, it’s worked in the past, so hopes are high.


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