Generating Story Ideas: Brainstorming Poll #2

picture of yosemite stone-setting
This Yosemite stone-setting also could qualify as a "Setting".

What is a good modern setting for our story?

This could be a broad setting or a more narrow, specific setting. We could say “Dairy farms in California”, or “The Office building on the corner of Jones and 4th, Las Vegas, NV.” So long as it answers the question!

Once again, please don’t worry about whether or not your settings are “good” or “great” or even “acceptable”. We’re not grading responses (although comments discussing the favorite ideas are fine!), we’re just brainstorming. Looking forward to your responses!


12 thoughts on “Generating Story Ideas: Brainstorming Poll #2

  1. From my Writing Instructor on Facebook – “English 2206 Class on Thursday”, haha. Okay, she didn’t mean it as a brainstorming suggestion, that was my idea.

    Her next suggestion was “The last factory on earth that still makes plastic pink flamingo lawn ornaments”

  2. The Middle East – Especially if the villains are government officials, or dictators. I also just think we need more stories that show the people there from the perspective of the everyday person instead of just war stories showing the minority groups that cause trouble and pain for everyone.

    “The Mormon Bubble” – “Brigham City” is one of the only fiction stories I know of that has actually approached the idea. Just so everyone knows I’m not dissing Mormons. I am one. I just didn’t know another word for the rather sheltered area where I live.

    Wolverine Canyon in Firth, Idaho

    Inside a Second Grader’s Desk – you didn’t say it had to be realism. : )

  3. The deserted streets of a city, silent except for the cry of the wind and a car alarm in the distance.

    The swimming pool during summer.

    The cries of the children and chatter of the adults strain your nerves as your wife’s Dad chats to you. If only you could be somewhere else.

    The bass of this song vibrates through your body as you bash your way through the jumping and wheeling crowd of dancers. The smell of narcotics burns your nose as smoke makes your eyes water. Strobe lights, screaming, motion, It’s all you can do to keep focused as the Rave threatens to overload you senses.

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