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Today I’ve got to run a crap-ton of errands in order to get ready for this weekend’s trip to Life, the Universe, and Everything. LTUE is a Science Fiction/Fantasy Convention held at BYU in Provo, UT. It is free for students, and $25.00 for the entire event otherwise. My friend Ian and I have been planning on this for a couple of months now, and I’ve rescheduled school tests and arranged note-takers for other classes in order to make this happen.

In short, this is exciting stuff.

If you are attending, let me know so we can meet up and say hi!

My Schedule;

11:00 am – How to Scare People
Noon – Killer Openings/Believable aliens and Monsters
1:00 pm – Dealing with Deadlines or “Ten Steps to OVernight Success”
2:00pm – “Writing Strong Female Characters”
3:00 – “Contemporary/Urban Fantasy” or “Slush Piles and what not to do…”
4:00 – The Writing Life
5:00 – The art of podcasting
6:00 – Marketing and Publicity
7:00 – Does Your Book have a Soundtrack?
8:00 – Streamlining Your Fiction

9:00 – How to Research…
10:00 – Tracy Hickman Presentation
11:00 – Main Adress by Steve Keele
Noon – Charisma is not a Dump Stat
1:00 – Dialog Tags and Speech Patterns
2:00 – Characters’ morals/theology vs. authors
3:00 – Collaboration or Plotstorming
4:00 – Rewriting to Greatness
5:00 – What you Can and Can’t Do in a YA Novel
6:00 – How to Get and Develop Killer Story Ideas
7:00 – Writing for Comics or Lessons on Story from The Hunger Games
8:00 – Zombies: They’re Still Here!

9:00 – Killer Breakfast w/ Tracy and Laura Hickman
10:00 – Killer Breakfast contd…
11:00 – Main Adress by James Dashner
Noon – Can YA protagonists have families? or Anime/Manga in SFF
1:00 – Writing Excuses
2:00 – Writing Excuses
3:00 – Can Your Dreams Pay Your Bills? or Pitching to agents/editors
4:00 – Memorable Villains
5:00 – Borrowing from History
6:00 – Regional Publishers/Hang Out
7:00 – back to Idaho


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