Short Story Submission

I finished submitting my first short story to a contest for Black Rock and Sage. I’m nervous about everything from the two edits I found AFTER I submitted, despite my hours of meticulous pruning, to the cover letter being the first I’d ever put together.

But in the end, I clicked the “Send” button on my email. What is it I’m hoping for, that’s got me so nervous? Not winning, surely. I can’t expect that, on my first submission. Yes, it’d be nice, but that’s not the point of doing it.

No, not getting the prize is not what I’m scared of. It’s the idea that I flubbed some little thing, something silly that I would have no way of knowing simply out of inexperience, that makes me come across as amateur. I suppose in the end, that’s what I am;

In the end, I clicked “Send” anyway, realizing that the road to Professional involves learning through the mistakes of an amateur.


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