Writing… Again!

Yeah. So I’m writing this blog as an answer to my own ramblings just two blogs ago. Let me give you a moment to wrap your head around that and catch up… ok here we are. Welcome! I don’t know how many of you read this, but I’m keeping you posted anyway because… that’s what I do. Just be grateful. When the Myspace Explosion happened, I considered it my duty and privilege to write at least three blogs a week.

This has been an incredibly involved month for me. I can almost read your thoughts already, you’re thinking; “What do I care what YOUR month was like? Let me tell you about MY month buster, and we’ll compare notes!”

OK maybe that’s not what you’re thinking. (But if it is, feel free to either write your own note and tag me, or write a response to this note and we’ll compare. =D )

In any case. Details aside, since brevity is just… not my thing, SCHOOL! Yeah, school. After a long overhaul of thought, BYU Idaho has become my school of choice. It wasn’t until this last week however that I decided January was the best time to start. The basis of my decision is that… I’m not accomplishing anything else right now. Except working.

It excited me to lay out a budget based on part-time wages at my current job and find that yes, I could survive full-time school. It would be tight, but almost no tighter than I already am right now working full-time and getting some debts out of the way.

But seriously. The most exciting part of school, for me, is going to be the writing. I’ll be FORCED to write! And believe it or not, after this experience of the majority of my year having spent in idolness during or after being incredibly sick… I’m willing to latch on to a bit of forced organization. These past three months have been filled with work, pressure, tiredness, and being too busy to get everything done and feeling overwhelmed – and it has been a MILLION times more joyful to me than the helplessness experienced whilst I was sick in bed.

So writing. Shall I major in it, or choose something else? I haven’t decided yet. I have decided that I will become a full-time writer in the future, but I’m SO interested in a large variety of things, and my interests only seem to widen and branch out as I get older, instead of the other way around. So I’m thinking University Studies. If I am approved, this would allow me to cluster in a variety of skills and subjects which would enhance my life, my education, my discipline, and as a result, my writing. A Cluster in Entrepreneurial Business, another in Speech and Communications, another in Social Work, heck – even one in Chinese! (Still not sure on that one but, knowing my grandfather was fully Chinese, there’s a huge temptation there.)

I still haven’t decided yet but I HAVE decided what classes I KNOW I will take. I also have decided that I will use this school experience as a spring board for the discipline it will take to be a full-time writer (and as a result, small business owner).

I’ve begun to write now on prompts again. This week’s prompt has been only my second stab at writing fiction since my large fantasy series project went under this last January. The World of Warcraft submission, which some of you may have read, was awful. Full of holes, large mistakes, and one-dimensional plot lines and characters.


I am really happy with it. It’s a finished work! It’s a spring-board to start from; seeing my mistakes so boldly printed on paper allows me to know what to work on first. I’m going to try and be as open as I can with my writing prompts, submitting the final editions on my blogs to everyone’s critical eye. I have a lot of improving to do, because of one decision that has totally filled me with excitement and drive to begin writing again, and that is (and I’ll end with it);

I am resolved to write as many bad stories as it takes to become a good author.

P.S. Expect the first bad story within the week.

P.S.S. And now… your month!


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