Scott Pilgrim’s Symbols: Breaking Down the Allegory

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is an allegorical, multi-watch movie. Some of the absurd humor will strike you immediately the first time, but some of the deeper messages and layered symbolic humor will hit you on subsequent viewings. An Allegory is a story where symbolism is taken to the extreme. Instead of having one symbol, … Continue reading Scott Pilgrim’s Symbols: Breaking Down the Allegory

Warbreaker – My Favorite Sanderson Novel

I read this book audibly (Quite literally, I downloaded my copy from at the end of 2009. Drowned in the long shadow cast by Sanderson's prowess, this book just doesn't get enough attention. I have read all of Sanderson's published works, and still this is my personal favorite. Sanderson is often noted for his … Continue reading Warbreaker – My Favorite Sanderson Novel