Tracy Hickman on Writing Excuses (LTUE)

Tracy Hickman: “Writers basically believe that they are never going to be or are already has-beens. The thing I try to tell writers all the time, and I have to remind myself is that we have not yet written our best work. The best is yet to come. It could be that next book, it … Continue reading Tracy Hickman on Writing Excuses (LTUE)

What I learned at NaNoWriMo

I know. I've already written one blog about Writer's Block and another about how to use a Simple Outline, but now NaNoWriMo is officially done and over. The official status of my manuscript is 37,796 words. In the "official" standards of NaNoWriMo, I didn't "Win". You win by finishing 50,000 words in one month. However, … Continue reading What I learned at NaNoWriMo