Stationery Assignment

The mission: create a business card and letterhead in InDesign using a new logo. I decided to use myself, since I can’t imagine using stationery for any other purpose. (For example, the websites I run or write for.)

I created a logo in Illustrator using my initials (SSL) in Myriad Pro (humanist sans-serif). I overlapped one of the “S” glyphs over the others in the same color as the background, giving what I thought was an interesting effect using negative space.

I thought I might like to try a watermark – hey, it’s my first stationery design, so why not? I made a copy of the logo on another artboard, reversed the colors and brightened them to almost-white with a slight blue tint. From InDesign, I used the Place functionality to add the watermark background and two business card designs to the document.


I created two business cards, one to fulfill the needs of the assignment, the other for preferred use. If I were to ever print business cards, I will probably be moving relatively soon and I don’t want to have to re-print them if my address and number change. More permanent methods of contact are preferred, such as email. On top of this, I really wanted the business cards to stay simple – minimalistic, like my design style.

Business Cards

I used the colors from this website, a scheme I picked from Kuler over a year ago at this site’s last redesign. It is an analogous color scheme using blues and blue-greens of various values. I created colored bars across the top of the card and stationery using these colors. I dunno, I don’t have a lot of reasoning behind this choice – I just liked it, and since I didn’t have any other details for them to clash against, they stayed.

Takeaways: I don’t think I’ll be designing stationery professionally any time soon, but this was a great way to stretch my wings and have a go at something new. I particularly enjoyed using negative space as shape, and hope to employ this way of thinking to even greater effect in the future.

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