Portfolio Assignment

Our final project was to put together a portfolio booklet to show off our projects.

Sam Loveland Portfolio by SamuelScottLoveland

In place of project corrections, I chose to do a whole new project. My mother was putting on a production of her music, celebrating women from the bible. She needed a program for the performance. It was a last-second deal that was rushed – it needed to be printed the next day, so I spent 2 1/2 hours on it straight in one evening. Most of this time was spent on editing copy, selecting fonts, tweaking placement and proximity in order to make the content easy to read/skim. This was the evening of March 24th, starting at around 7pm – the performances were held the same week on the 28th and 29th.


This portfolio is meant to display my designs and show what I’m capable of. For the most part, I feel that my gift as a designer has very little to do with beautifying or embellishing – I feel I am actually weak in these things. However, I do have great strengths when it comes to solving a problem, and using good principles of design to make those decisions. Because of this, I wanted a design for the portfolio that wasn’t meant to strike awe with its beauty, but to rather come across as simple, professional, and effective in it’s ability to fulfill its intent.

Which in this case – the intent is to show that I can solve problems in the realm of visual media.


The direct audience at this moment is my teacher and class, but the long-term audience may be potential employers who are looking for a guy just like me.

Color Scheme

I used a monochromatic scheme using navy blues and varied tints/shades on that hue.

Title Font

Adobe Caslon Pro – an Oldstyle serif fontface.

Body Copy Font

Gill Sans – a humanist sans-serif made for readability.


The image pattern on the page edges is of my own make – I was inspired by tile designs, tetris, and the way tempered glass breaks. Don’t ask me exactly how that works, it’s in that weird realm of the brain dude.

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