Montage Project – Children’s Lit


This is my final for the Montage Project in my Visual Media class. The parameters were to use photoshop filters/brushes/masks to combine two images and a favored quote.


No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally… and often far more… worth reading at the age of 50 and beyond. (C.S. Lewis)

This is one of my favorite quotes to outline the value of children’s literature.


I selected the picture of the girl reading for the background because of its asymmetrical balance, leaving me plenty of space to work with on the right side and some promising dark foliage in the top right corner. The books were used to connect the author of the quote with the setting; They were perfect for my needs because they were slightly worn with age and use but attractive, matched the mood of classic children’s literature, and even prominently featured a red cover in the front – complementary to the green background. The books were faded into the background using a slightly opaque brush on a layer mask.


  • Text – Egyptian Slate (Slab Serif)
  • Accent – Avenir (Geometric Sans)

The main font selected for the text is Egyptian Slate, which I felt well-blended old-style structure and spine with a thick, modern stroke. It is simple and elegant in the way children’s literature ought to be. I predominantly used size and placement for variety, breaking up the quote (which is just long enough to be a bit unwieldly), into smaller pieces. I varied the placement and size in a way I thought would bring in visual interest and flow, using a different weight and color to highlight a few key words.

I used a sans-serif font for the author of the quote, C.S. Lewis. Avenir, a geometric font, contrasted well against the more traditional spine of the Slab-serifed font, and lent well to increased tracking in order to match alignment with the words above it.

I used a drop-shadow on all text, colored to match the dark green shadows of the trees, because I wanted to increase visibility and readability of text while covering as little of the background as possible.


A Complementary color scheme using red and green (in a variety of values).

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