Event Advertisement

Unlike my flier assignment, I didn’t see many changes needed for my old Event Advertisement. This might be because I spent much more time on it, since it was used in actual production for a musical event that my mother organized for a local cat shelter. The assignment: create a small poster to promote a fundraiser that targets a specific audience, using Microsoft Word.

I began by taking a photo of my siblings’ cat, named “Neville”. (For the purposes of the assignment, I had the photo printed, then scanned at Office Depot).


This is where my eye-rolling at using Microsoft Word pauses for a minute. Its capabilities for layout design were surprisingly versatile, especially in how easy it was to remove the background around the cat. I would still never willingly choose to use Word, especially if InDesign is at all available for use, and mostly for the type options – Word does this really annoying thing where it completely hides the text should its bounding box collide with any other element. Back to the eye-rolling.

The design is simple: A colored box which contains the photo, title, and tagline info. A black box along the bottom contains all the specific details. Use of alignment was fairly simple, though difficult in the title (because of the slanted nature of the font used).

The message centers around the musical event, tying it in with the cats the event is meant to benefit. It targets the kind of mixed introvert/extroverts usually found in creative-loving fields, like music, who crazily enough tend to love cats at the same time. In other words, people like me.

Title Font: Condiment (display/handwriting).

Body Copy: Futura (geometric sans-serif).

Color is not so much a scheme. Once again (as is a theme in quite a few of my early projects), I was strictly a monochromatic guy. A deep shade of blue is used for the background of the photo.

The final product:


In the end I learned a few things. First, I never ever want to use Word again unless I’m writing a quick letter or essay. Second, it is nice to have an actual real-life problem to solve – designing this poster for a real event forced me to push myself more to make the final product more effective. Granted, this was over a year ago, but if you look at my old draft of the flier assignment, you’ll see what I mean.

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